Nov 17, 2008

Mytravel - Tips chooses hotel while journey

How do you chooses hotel when traveling? Important of cheap? Doesn't have ever underestimated place of you to rest night, especially when medium of vacation or on the way business. Following a number of tips from mytravel vacation that need to be paid attention when choosing and lodges in hotel.
Choice strength

Select;chooses correct hotel is half from encounter. Many people need few minutes only to observe hotel room;chamber, its(the directive is often only cheapest price. Even price is consideration of public, in view of all hotels wishs its(the room;chamber is full and hotel organizer will struggle to fulfill its(the room;chambers every night. So, doesn't be trapped. To obtain best result, message of room;chamber beforehand through journey bureau and tries is flexible with schedule. Hotel which target of its(the market business perpetrator usually has cheap tariff in weekend which they consider as OFF season.Contacts journey bureau, bureau like that understand your need .


Though ordering of online ticket has is a choice, remain to suggested to order through journey bureau. If You chooses direct contact to hotel, can also but having to ready with surcharger for expense of telephone. Many hotels has free number of modulation which able to be contacted. Otherwise there are number like that, and you must phone to hotel directly, be better if phoned evening or nighttime because morning was time stired that is when the guests check out.

So(after available room;chamber, documents all information about hotel and journey plan to be leaved to a friend or neighbour if happened condition of emergency.

If You ordered hotel room;chamber through?via journey bureau, confirmation copy create from reservasi which they give to you, is expressing clearly information about hotel and date of arrival and date of you are exit. Brings information about confirmation or print out reservasi from e-mail when you are chek indium. Hotel might possibly not intentionallyly information input reservasi which is wrong or not true, hence very wise if you brings all bundles about reservasi to awake.


Nothing that worse than at driving all day long and arrives at hotel just for knowing your reservasi has chared or there is no available room;chamber. Key in order not to have ever experienced thing like this is know how long tolerance for delay. Most hotel network will arrest;detain normal reservasi until six o'clock evening. For arriving more nightly will be asked guarantees ordering by giving credit card number. With your guarantee would be safe, even for they arriving after midnight, warmness bad still wait. Hotel [is] entitled to cancel reservasi which has not been guaranteed. If(When You are overdue, phones to hotel and asks them to arrest;detain your reservasi until you arrives.

There is no room;chamber

Though doesn't get room;chamber because over-booking or mistake in reservasi, not to be panic and loses spirit [of]. Many hotels will assist overcomes the problem by giving bargain to lodge in hotel which still in one networks laid at bunched up. If your reservasi charing that is guaranteed, ensures that quality of room;chamber in same new hotel of or better, and you is not burdened surcharger. Hotel also must account expense of your transportation there. If this things not accounted, asks to speak with manager or journey bureau contact to have recourse.

Customer service full of smiling

As valuable consumer, your satisfaction of vital importance. Hotel staff has been trained works from time to time to fulfill your requirement. But problem earns is just emerged, like room;chamber neighbour which reseh ( not co-operative). Hence, searching knows cutomer?client service hierarchy in hotel to get solution that is quickly. Phones to journey bureau always is stepping is first ness is good, so that they can speak with the side of hotel and knows way out from every problem. Even limited to defence and fomentation, journey bureau usually can assuage many situsi difficult to which can gratify you and the side of hotel.

In hotel, front officer desk trains to handle problem without entangling manager. Hence, submits your problem in explains and lets them to overcome it. From toothbrush which oblivion until relocation of room;chamber, font officer desk will offer help that is quickly and direct. If your sigh outside their range, asks decently to meet with manager. The managers is more comprehendingly the importance of faithfulness of consumer and has authority to offer discount to guest at that moment or a period of comes. Otherwise something can be do with manager, contac departement customer service. For it, writes truly names with who are you speaks, date you in hotel, price and your problem

Check in

The only problem when this chek ought to only when in counter. With ordering which have been made, the side of hotel wishs you to occupy room;chamber as soon as possible. If all information of confirmation had, ensures that price given is price truthfully. Asks time check indium that is ordinary and asks question of spesfik about area and service given. Asks hotel visiting card to wake up if(when you being lost.

Things that is possible you requires
Things required hardly base on your requirement, asks does hotel offer or provides things following:
Service laundery or iron board and flatiron in room
Hair shaped dryer
Voltage converters
Coffee maker machine, refrigerator or instrument of kitchen in room;chamber
Morning newspaper
Access to machine faks, fotocopy or printer, internet
Mini of bar
Room;chamber internal storage box ( in-room safe)
Tv cable, film or gamete video
Recreation facility
Telephone access out
Place of parking adequate
Take and sent fasity to airport or to other tampat
rolled Baby bad or mattress

Dead sleep - way of lodging safe

Security and safety is priority for you and the side of hotel. so Entering is hotel area, takes a care and attentive. If You brings car, parks in a good light, near by way in to your room;chamber, key of all doors and keeps valuable goods in baggage and not seen. If it is given choice, asks room;chamber with way in corridor in. When in resepsionis asks custodian to write down your room;chamber number so that nothing that can hear it and keeps your room;chamber key as soon as possible if there are room;chamber number is printed above his(its.

So resides in room;chamber, door lock with key and chain lock and searching knows explanation about usual fire exit at door back. Doesn't open door to whom also though you are be awaiting a friend or room service, except you recognizes people from voice and also through?via hole peeps.

Check out

After completed lodging, chek out its( is experience pleasing along the length of there is no surprise, like lag goods or extra invoice. Investigates accross the board room;chamber before exit, including drawers, closet, and bathroom especially behind the curtain shower and behind bath room's door.

Many hotels determines hour(clock check out to vary between at 1100 - 1400. If You are need addition of time asked in the beginning or you will be applied surcharger one nights. Investigated invoice to ascertain all accurate costs, and you receives discount that is proper. When doing transaction. asks receipt.


Every town or area or state has culture or habit to differ in about tip giving, and so it is with level of tip. In America for example, tip for doorman stopping cab reachs 1-2 dollars, numeral become bigger if the doorman stops cab in good weather. Well is mentioned just of who need to be given tip. Besides doorman that need to be given tip is officer housekeeping, room service, bellhop or porter, valet, and officer place of deposit ( concierge).source from kompas

Finally, safe enjoys the next vacation in your choice hotel


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