Jan 29, 2009

Travel vacation at Parangtritis beach

Travel vacation at Parangtritis's beach, are tourism place most beautiful and well known at Yogyakarta besides road malioboro, I go to Paris (parangtritis) that time stands up with my wife candidate. Parangtritis is one place as beach at indian ocean coast that lies more or less 27 km southern yogyakarta city - indonesia.

Parangtritis has landscape uniqueness which is besides wave which outgrow and oceanic landscape take down with tall banks at eastern, also marks sense tall sand mountain beach around or called “ gumuk”. Evenless if can see sunset at this parangtritis's beach, wow.. are so beautiful and not defeat with sanur's beach at bali.

If you tired to fringe beach edge in here you can also lease "bendi" service or bestridden horse to explore beach. Its cost, you can speak by tenanted service. parangtritis this also have facility as: restaurant, hotel, lodging, encampment and about shop which sell handycraft oceanic typical. Beach Parangtritis is fraught beach myth, believed to constitute realization of trimurti's unity that consisting of Mountain Merapi, Kraton Yogyakarta and Parangtritis. Society at Yogyakarta largely trusts, if this beach is palace Kanjeng Kidul's Queen south sea power. South sea queen palace this gets portal at Parangkusumo. at place this is Kanjeng Kidul's Queen do appointment with Panembahan Senopati.

To reach Parangtritis, you can choose two routes. First, Yogyakarta - Imogiri - Siluk - Parangtritis's route that offer river and coral reef landscape. Both of, through route Yogyakarta - Parangtritis who can be sailed through squashy because road which well, if by bus at Umbulharjo's bus station at Yogyakarta.
Suggested, you don't use green chromatic cloth in deference to that believer local resident green cloth can take in debacle and most adrift at oceanic.
when i have travel vacation at parangtritis, my camera drops behind because that I thoughts is at bag apparently no, so I can't take a picture, too bad. So I try to look for image ,its image at web. yogyes.com; kompas.com

Jan 5, 2009

Mytravel - how ways to deal travel insurance ?

If you travel vacation in one your region alone at Indonesia only or at Singapore only ,maybe we not necessarily have travel insurance but if we shall journey at other region or other state therefore indispensable travel insurance. Why are we need travel vacation ? Before you go on a holiday or you have travel vacation plan, it is necessary that you buy a travel insurance to make your great holiday experience safe. You need to be sure you have the right travel insurance for the destination you are heading, and know precisely what is in your travel insurance policy.

A few tips to help you to understand your policy better and get the best deal:

1.Benefits matter: Comparing the quotations of the of travel insurance products, the benefits of the cover, the exclusions on the cover and other product features. If the policy doesn't have a cooling off period you can cancel your policy for a full refund.

2.Plan it well : If you are planning to travel abroad on more than a single occasion in a year then you can save more money by buying an annual multi-trip - travel insurance policy rather than buy a single travel insurance policy each time you go.

3.Check the other options: Sometimes your travel agent or tour operator may tell you that you have to buy their travel insurance in order to buy a holiday from them, maybe as part of an inclusive deal. Only take this if the total cost is rewarding, compared to buying the holiday and travel insurance separately. In most cases you will probably find that you are paying over the odds for the travel insurance, even if it is in some sort of 'special deal'.

4.International helpline: Carry the international helpline number of your travel insurance company with you as you. Also, keep a copy of the policy with you, as you travel .

5.Medical coverage : In most cases it is always best to take the medical insurance, even if you are going to a another country. This agreement helps in cases of emergency, but does not generally cover routine problems. It is also especially important if you're in a developing country with limited medical resources.

Before you get your travel insurance make sure you understand your travel insurance well. Read the offer document carefully. Take the time to read the small print on your travel insurance policy. If you have any questions on it, ask your provider about them before you finalize the deal. If the policy is family oriented be sure that it covers all the family members traveling with you. Buying duplicate coverage does not double your benefit. It wastes money and creates confusion that could actually delay payments.source martin l

Dec 10, 2008

Travel vacation at bunaken,north Sulawesi-indonesia

If you have travel vacation plan, get holiday at north Sulawesi, northern Indonesian to constitute best option and you will never disappointed get holiday over there. My travel vacation at north Sulawesi have is more than 5 last years, but memory is beautiful is still feel until be now hopefully a while we can visit again, that my expectation.
There are many place which can be visitted at north Sulawesi, well aught isle sort, lake, event and culture and beach that really pretty available in here and of course the sun shines which warms to fresh add holiday atmosphere. And don't forget camera to take image. I come at this north Sulawesi pass through the's porting of Bitung which is located in Lembeh strait's port, because I by the way of oceanic. Yeah.. that is we a sailor …….
If you utilize plane, I perceive to pass through airport at singapore or domestic even airport at Indonesian as from Bali, Jakarta, Surabaya, Ujungpadang, such is Garuda Airlines's usa, Mandala Airlines, etc. For transportation and lodging or hotel even a lot of is met, so doesn't fear( no need pitches a tent.. he..)

One of that prettiest is bunaken' s national sea garden, It is only 30 minutes trip from Manado to Bunaken Island by speed boat. The Bunaken Sea Garden is very well known around the world is one of the most beautiful sea garden in the world, visited by foreign and domestic tourists because bunaken island, One of the worlds most beautiful coral environments, with an almost unbelievable variety of teeming sea life, superb visibility and spectacular scenery. Bunaken is the chief attraction of North Sulawesi specially for diver, with much of the best coral and so many different kind of fish, small and bigger.

Snorkellers too can enjoy the shallow reefs filled with clouds of colourful fishes,with also as time i go to WE's island,Sabang. Schooling pyramid butterfly fish are common along the reef crest.

3 thing who shall be tried at manado is 3B( Bunaken, Bubur manado, Bibir manado)/(bunaken, manado's pap, and is manado's lip), he.. he … it says friends of sailors … and B the latest (Bibir)/(lip) no need been tried …oke… but it was given up by you … and happy enjoy ………bond voyage. Source photo or image : diveliburan.com

Nov 28, 2008

one that has to be taken in while travel

Mytraveltips-any kind goods which shall be taken in while travelling goes to a region at Indonesian, don't care whatever activity type that will be done? Perhaps available one opines, money can solve everything. So, take money only was enough. In condition particular, money is no use if needful goods not available at local marketing.
Following goods that shall ever there is in Your knapsack.

Id card as KTP (islandic sign card) or Driving License (driving licence). Without id card, You can experience problem while meet by intermediate police do razia, while checks in at hotel, or while will lease vehicle.

Cash for condition of emergency at purilieus. To amount to back packer experienced keep cash at hiden bags at undresses or their knapsack. In condition emergency, e.g. at location whereabouts charge plate or debit can't be utilized, reserve capital of that secret bag can really help.

HAT, black eye glass, and moistening to protect skin of the sun shines sting.

Strong booth shoe and slippered or thong

Key for case or bag. Case, bag, or knapsack shall ever in condition keyed by prevents its happening theft.

Bag emptying to takes in Your expense goods,present,or handycrafts while goes home to house.

Eared seal tool. This tool is beneficent if Your not wants to be troubled by wake up call's bell voice in the morning.

DENTAL floss, tampons, and shaving cream

Jacket anti water

Medicine anti malaria and mosquito medicine. Still a lot of place at Indonesian one constitutes malaria endemic region.

One case or cloth. Cloth will of a lot of benefit as can become hat, towel, or even bottom sits in sand or browsing.

This the last one is not included goods but very important, which is You may not shame and have to have sense of humour.