Oct 28, 2008

Story from island We.

Finally,I has opportunity to write about my story from island We,town sabang which is old hidden causing make I to long.Island Weh is an beautiful island located in tip of most Northwest of most external Sumatra island or island northside banda aceh,Indonesia. Island Weh called as with Sabang by encircled [by] beautiful coast and location dives fascinating. Three locations to dive located in Gapang, Iboih, and island Rubiah, place of where National Marine Park resided.Reachable we island passed plane going down in banda aceh then is continued crossing by using ship quickly from Banda Aceh towards port of Balohan, Pulau we . sea transport only pass the time one hours. And, from port of Balohan towards town Sabang only half hours,by walked asphalt cumulus and pass airport area property of Pangkalan TNI AU, and you will pass upper town and town under.

Town top Sabang, has view of beautiful bay and unfolding towards Pantai Kasih. Part of this town recognized from the many buildings colonial where people belanda formerly have ever lived high, few leaves only and big tree imported from South America and planted in the early of century 20. Town under, town underside Sabang is traditional fisherman maisonette alongside port south coast, main road Pasiran ( commerce road )Sabang is small town with number of residents with rural situation and culture which still experiencing and fishing still becoming main living for resident in coastal area region Pulau Weh. In this town, there is no hotel or lodging of luxuriant, but enough small hotel our comfort to and balmier selected bungalow in area coastal tourism.

After arriving at town, we to look for vehicle which can be rented per hour or per day with price is earning bargained. Our purpose are coastal tourism and dives the in gapang,pantai iboih and island rubiah. Time gone through by approximately 1,5 hours.If you there you have never is possible it is better there are guide accompanying because complicated road pass dale and mount and coast which sadly for overcome. And doesn't surprise because along the length of you journey will be greeted with monkeys in Pulau weh which is arrival of the tourists along the length of your journey.

Finally losts to we to reach gapang, Gapang is calm coast and has many rocks for snorkeling in coastal periphery and dives. Here also place which good to seeing turtle. Gapang offers having immeasurable facility like hotel, cottage, cafe, restaurant, and central to dive. Gapang is location that is very popular for tourist.

location of Other sea in Sabang fascinating is Iboih, what recognized by place is diving and the snorkeling is amazing and beautiful rock. Sometimes you can see sea-horse, a turtle langsa in Iboih. Here also there are multifarious compatible facility for diver and backpacker is including cafe outdoor and bungalow.Often we meet the foreign tourists and foreign seaman also halting-place in here.

Besides iboih,Rubiah island is burried treasure for snorkeling and diver because beautiful rock. the marine park is really heaven for lover the rock. To pay a visit to Rubiah island, you can rent boat from Iboih.

One objects which you able to see is Monumen Kilometer Nol ( zero kilometer monumens) located in countryside Iboih Ujong Ba'u 29 kilometre in westside town Sabang and around 5 km from Iboih.source foto from http://www.pulauwehsabang.com

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