Oct 30, 2008

Leg cramps at beach

If you are travel vacations,you shall make a abode to keep in good health your body because health are confer that really invaluable. One of example which ordinary happens while you are at beach or swimming be muscle-bound foot or leg cramps, becouse Painful cramps or spasms in the muscles of the leg often occur happening upon your swimming, at night and are common among athletes and people with circulatory problems.

Cramps may be caused by an injury to the muscle, by overworking or overstretching the muscle, or by an abrupt constriction in one of the arteries supplying blood - and oxygen - to the muscle. When the muscle does not get the oxygen it needs, it goes into spasm, causing intense pain.

Treat a cramp gently. Don’t jump up and down on the affected leg or slap the area that’s cramping. Stretching the muscle will help to relieve the pain Gentle massage is also useful, as is walking about the room or beach edge if you at beach. Fortunately, the cramp will disappear on its own within a minute or two. If you are troubled by persistent, recurring leg cramps, see your doctor. Cramps that occur after exercise may have a serious underlying cause; most night cramps in older people, however, are not serious an can be relieved with simple medications.

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